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Disability Advocacy


Information, advice, support to reach your goals

Activities may include:

  • Exploring options

  • Encouraging self-advocacy

  • Making referrals to other services

  • Communication with organisations

  • Guidance through processes

  • Navigating the NDIS

Please contact IRASI to discuss your request for advocacy.

When you contact us you will be asked your age (between 18-65 years); if you receive a Disability Support Pension; and, if you have consent if calling on behalf of another person.



Tenancy Advice

Expertise includes:

  • Communication with key stakeholders

  • Formal notices and forms

  • Bond disputes

  • Dispute resolution processes

  • Increasing ability to self-advocate

  • Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal (QCAT) applications & procedures

  • Tenancy data base listings e.g. TICA

Disclaimers: IRASI is not a legal service.

All tenancy advice is based on the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. Level of support is subject to resources and terms of grant funding.


Mental Health Support

Exercise legal and human rights

Connect to quality services

Increase wrap-around supports



Under 1 Roof Ipswich


IRASI supports U1Ri's aims to:

  • improve access to services for homeless people through multiple contact points and 'no wrong door'

  • offer a range of housing and support options to homeless people

  • provide comprehensive and integrated support for households to maintain their tenancies and participate fully in the community

  • involve the whole community in ending homelessness.